Cabalgatas Arroyo Verde is a venture founded by José María Cordero in 1998 in Villa Pehuenia,precisely on the shores of Lake Moquehue. We ride the horses in the summer season, from  November to March. We ride two hours and a half, of a full day with lunch included, and more of two days duration.
We have astumble of docile and trained horses so that anyone can ride.
The tour of two and a half hours is carried out along the Arroyo Verde until you reach the base of the mountain range “Bella Durmiente”.
The other crossings are made by the areas of the Volcano Batea Mahuida, Paso del Arco, Kilca, Rio Alumine and Quillen. InThese routes cross different landscapes. From the high mountains of the Andes mountains, which we
allow you to have an unparalleled view of both Argentina and From Chile; the shores of the Moquehue and Aluminé Lakes, forests of lengas, nires and araucarias, as well as areas arid as Pampa of Lonco Luan.

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